HoteLux Status Match for KrisFlyer Members 

Program Details 

  1. PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite Gold members can enjoy complimentary 12-month status match to the following HoteLux membership tiers: 

  • PPS Club (Solitaire PPS Club and PPS Club)  = HoteLux Elite Plus

  • KrisFlyer Elite Gold = HoteLux Elite

  1. If you meet the criteria to participate in the HoteLux Status Match offer, your account will be upgraded to HoteLux Elite or Elite Plus for 12 months based on your existing KrisFlyer membership status. All 2024 Status Match requests must be submitted by and started no later than 31st Dec 2024. 

  2. To keep the matched Elite status, you will need to earn a certain number of qualifying nights* booked by HoteLux within the 1-year period after the successful status match.  

  • HoteLux Elite  = 15 nights 

  • HoteLux Elite Plus = 30 nights 

Submit your Status Match request 

To be considered for Elite status through this promotion, please complete HoteLux Status Match Request Form on HoteLux APP. We will send you an email to let you know if your request is approved. 

Required information: 

  • HoteLux account (If you are not yet a member, join today.) 

  • Valid email address on your HoteLux account 

  • Copy of your current KrisFlyer membership card, which can also be obtained from your profile on (please log-in to your account and navigate to “Profile”, then “Membership card” to download your membership card). It must clearly identify your name, current membership status, and your status expiration date, which should be valid at the time of the status match application. (Please note that the digital membership card on the SingaporeAir mobile app will not be accepted.) 

Please allow 5-7 business days for a response and for your account to be upgraded.

Status Match Step by Step

Convert your HoteLux Points to KrisFlyer Miles

Elite: 1 HoteLux Point = 3 KrisFlyer miles

Redemption Options

4,000 HoteLux points = 12,000 KrisFlyer miles

5,000 HoteLux points = 15,000 KrisFlyer miles

6,000 HoteLux points = 18,000 KrisFlyer miles

Elite Plus: 1 HoteLux Point = 4 KrisFlyer miles

Redemption Options

4,000 HoteLux points = 16,000 KrisFlyer miles

5,000 HoteLux points = 20,000 KrisFlyer miles

6,000 HoteLux points = 24,000 KrisFlyer miles

1A Club: 1 HoteLux Point = 5 KrisFlyer miles

Redemption Options

4,000 HoteLux points = 20,000 KrisFlyer miles

5,000 HoteLux points = 25,000 KrisFlyer miles

6,000 HoteLux points = 30,000 KrisFlyer miles

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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  • Eligibility: Only HoteLux members holding an Elite or above status are eligible. Non-members must join and upgrade to Elite status to participate.

  • KrisFlyer Membership Number: Members must input their KrisFlyer membership number while booking to receive bonus miles. Retroactive allocation of KrisFlyer miles is not possible.

  • Booking and Stay Periods: The campaign registration and booking period runs from June 22, 2024, to September 28, 2024. The stay period is from June 22, 2024, to January 1, 2025.

  • Bonus Miles Allocation: 1,000 bonus KrisFlyer miles will be credited to the assigned account within 15 working days for each qualified booking.

  • Qualified Booking: Includes all bookings made on HoteLux that include HoteLux Member Benefits and meet the promotional period requirements. Consecutive stays at the same hotel will count as one booking. Bookings made with vouchers are not eligible.

  • Responsibility: HoteLux members are solely responsible for providing accurate KrisFlyer membership numbers. No changes are allowed after submission. HoteLux is not liable for any losses due to incorrect membership number provision

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